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2019 FCC/TC3 Blossom Time Trial Series

TC3 returned as a partner for the 2019 Blossom Time Trial Series which consisted of 7 events where the best 5 counted towards a Series Championship in each of the four categories (Men TT, Men Non-TT, Women TT and Women Non-TT).

2019 Blossom TT Series Standings

2019 Uphill Time Trials

These were not counted in the series.

  • Sat, Sep 7 - Old Tollhouse (OTH) - Results
  • Sat, Dec 7 - Highway 168 (4 Lane) - Canceled
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2018 Blossom Time Trial Series

The 2018 Blossom Time Trial Series consisted of 7 events where the best 5 counted towards a Series Championship in each of the four categories (Men TT, Men Non-TT, Women TT and Women Non-TT).


2018 Blossom TT Series Final Standings

2018 Uphill Time Trials

These were not counted in the series.

  • Sat, Sep 8 - Old Tollhouse (OTH) - Results
  • Sun, Dec 9 - Highway 168 (4 Lane) - Results
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2017 FCC/TC3 TT Series

The 2017 FCC/TC3 Time Trial Series consisted of 7 events. The best 5 counted towards a Series Championship in each category (Men/Women/Tandem).

2017 TT Series Final Standings

2017 Uphill Time Trials

These were not counted in the series.

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Past Results

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2011-08-11 Report

With 29 cyclists, a good number of riders showed up for what was not only the last singles time trial of the 2011 season, but also the hottest temperature-wise.  The temperature when the first rider took off was in the high 90s, and of course, the ever present northwest wind was there, and seemingly getting stronger as the evening wore on.

Despite the weather, some very impressive times were posted this month with 10 riders completing the 10-mile course in less than 25 minutes.  Fresno has some strong riders!

Before this season ends, special recognition for great effort has to go to Ben Liu.  Ben is not the fastest rider, and pretty much consistently winds up near the bottom of the list, but his willingness to come out month after month to try to better his time shows what these time trials are suppose to be all about - - that is, to have fun and see what you can do to push yourself to get better.  And this month, Ben had lots of support with him, when his son, Clayton, rode the time trial for the first time.  Good job you guys!!

Thanks to all that participated in this year’s time trial events, riders and volunteers both.  Without you folks, we wouldn’t be having all this fun!

2011-09-10 Report - Team Time Trial

FCC’s Annual Belmont Team Time Trial happened this year on September 10th. This was the third year the TTT has been held, and like last year, we had nine teams show up.  But this year we seemed to have more of a variety of teams, including three racing teams, two women’s teams, two tandem teams, a recumbent team, and a recreational rider’s team.  A total of 43 riders participated!

The course starts at the Blossom Trail Café at the intersection of Academy and Belmont.  The course is 20 miles long and goes east out on Belmont to Trimmer Springs Road and finishes about a mile before Trimmer Springs intersects with Highway 180.  It is a fairly flat course with only Tivy Hill to go over (but to the riders, putting the word “only” in front of Tivy Hill probably doesn’t justly describe the pain that hill causes in a time trial situation).

First place honors this year went to the recumbent team, Team Bacchetta, which completed the course in 49:39 for an average speed of 24.17 mph.  Team Tandem Couples showed what strong tandem teams can do, finishing in second with a 59:09 time for an average of 23.93 mph.  Rounding out the podium was Team CSC #2 with a time of 50:15 for an average speed of 23.88 mph.


Overall, all the teams did very well, with nearly all teams completing the course in under an hour for an average speed of over 20 mph.  Team Tandem Flats just missed finishing the course under an hour by a mere 19 seconds, but that was only because their team experienced two flats while on the course.  The goatheads were out in force that day, with many of the teams experiencing flats.  Bruce Crisp of Team Bacchetta finished the last three miles riding in on a flat front tire.

2011-04-14 Report

The first time trial of the season took place in the evening of April 14th.  This is the fourth year our club has been offering the time trial series.  This season got off to a good start with 26 riders showing up to test their pedaling power against the clock.  The course is a mere 10 miles total - - 5 miles out and 5 miles back starting at Belmont and Academy.

Conditions on the course were pretty much like they almost always are in the evenings - - a nice tail wind on the leg out, but a killer headwind to fight on the way back.  But at least the temperature was nice, in the low to mid 60s.

It was no surprise, based on previous year’s performances, that Roger Hogan was once again the fastest guy on the course.  He doesn’t seem to have slowed down much since last year, averaging over 27 mph.  Way to go Roger!  Our fastest female on the course was Jeanine Spence, one of our club’s premier long-distance riders.  She averaged over 22.5 mph.  For her efforts, Jeanine got a gift certificate to the Blossom Trail Café, which was provided by our club’s other premier long distance rider (and Jeanine’s riding partner), Lori Cherry.  Thank you, Lori, for once again supporting the Belmont Time Trial.

Also receiving special recognition at the first time trial of the year were Pat Horn and Jeff Carter.  They were each given a very nice Campagnolo polo shirt for their continued support of the time trial series over the past three seasons.  These two guys are not the fastest on the course nor are they the slowest, but they show up time and time again, year after year.  For their sustained effort and support, the recognition was well-deserved.  Thanks Pat and Jeff!

The next time trial will be held on Thursday May 12th.  See the ride calendar for additional details.  Hope to see you then! 

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