The Fresno Cycling Club Base Lake Powerhouse Double Century (BLPDC)

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  • Registration will open on April 10, 2024

Event Overview

The Fresno Cycling Club is known for providing cyclists the notorious Climb to Kaiser and many other cycling events. On October 12, 2024 we extend our tradition of quality rides with the 19th annual Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century.

We invite all serious cyclists from around the world to ride in the splendid beauty of the western Sierra Nevada mountain range. The route has 10,602 feet of climbing in 200.7 miles.

Bass Lake DC-2023 - A bike ride in Clovis, CA (
  • Online registration is available at
  • On site registration will also be available Friday, October 11th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm (credit card payment only please, $180)
  • Rider Check-in/packet pickup Friday (October 11th from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm), and Saturday morning (October 12th from 3:30 am to 6:00 am)
  • For riders wanting an official time rather than just an official finish, there will be a 6:30 am mass start. 
  • No rider is to leave after 6:30 am, and be finished no later than 11:30 pm.
  • BLPDC is held rain or shine. No refunds or credits. Tandem riders must register & pay separately. AT CHECK-IN, each rider must sign a waiver before starting. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a responsible adult and have a waiver co-signed by a parent or guardian

Rider Check-in / packet pickup & registration will be at Homewood Suites (Hampton Inn). For more details email with any questions.

Homewood Suites provides registration with special room rates for riders who register early. 

Filter in the dates you are looking for. Please keep in mind that sometimes the rates are not available based on hotel availability.

Hotel: Homewood Suites by Hilton Clovis - Airport North
Group Name: Bass Lake Double Century
Group Rate: $155– King Rooms / $195 Queen Rooms

Alternatively, you can call the hotel directly at 559-292-4004 and reference the group name (Bass Lake Double Century). Agents can pull up availability and book the room for you. 

    The Fresno Cycling Club proudly announces the conferment of recognition to the following categories:

    A) 5-Consecutive completed BLPDC rides

    B) 10-Completed BLPDC rides in a lifetime.

    Here is the link of the current and prospective recipients of the awards courtesy of Charlie Irwin – the CTC data guy, who compiled, organized, and sorted these data.  Big thanks go out as well to Chuck Bramwell for providing and sharing these valuable data to us.

    Additional Event Information Below...

    Course Information

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      Course Information

      "Enjoy the Western Sierra Scenery including Pine Flat Lake & Bass Lake"

      Please see route map and cuesheet below...

      1. Route Map: Distance = 200 miles ||  Elevation gain = 10,602 feet
      2. Route Cue Sheet (.pdf file)

      Rest Stop Listing

      1. Spring Valley Rest Stop: 6am - 8am (mile 29.8)
        (*optional water stop at Bass Fork Minimart at mile 41)
      2. Bass Lake Rest Stop: 9am - 12noon (mile 55) - drop-off bags
      3. Sheriff Sub-Station Water Stop: 10:30am - 2:30pm (mile 79)
      4. Dry Creek Trailhead Park Rest Stop: 12noon - 4pm (mile 104) - lunch stop
      5. Water/snacks stop corner of Academy/Hwy 180 (mile 120.6)
      6. MR 5 Market Rest Stop: 2pm - 10pm (mile 140) access to drop-off bags (dual rest stop).  This is the cut-off point before you head up to Trimmer Springs – 6:30pm is the cut-off time, no exceptions please.
      7. Sycamore Bridge Rest Stop: 3:30pm - 8:00pm (mile 156.8) - Turn-Around Point
      8. MR 5 Market Rest Stop: 2pm - 10pm (mile 173.7)

      Start Times

      BLPDC is establishing "batch start times" for those who want to start earlier & still be grouped with other riders. We highly recommend joining the earlier groups if you are only concerned about finishing the ride & not necessarily for a fast recorded time! There is better safety in numbers, especially when riding in darkness:

      1. 4:30am 1st Batch
      2. 5:00am 2nd Batch
      3. 5:30am 3rd Batch
      4. 6:00am 4th Batch
      5. 6:30am Last Start

      Warning: If you start really early, the 1st rest stop may still be closed by the time you get there, so plan accordingly. There is a mini-mart at Mile-41 (after the Walker-Grade climb) which may have an optional water stop. The convenience store also has all kinds of snacks, bottled drinks, & tasty hot food (at very reasonable prices).

      Course Description

      Welcome to the foothills of the western Sierras and enjoy the grandeur of Bass Lake, Kerckhoff Lake and Pine Flat Lake as you ride the quiet country road of the Central Valley.

      The journey starts at Clovis, the Gateway to the Sierras, on a mostly flat terrain.  This gives you the opportunity to warm up the legs as you embark on a challenging ride that a lot of cyclists love to endure. Eighteen miles on your saddle the town of Friant is approaching, the Friant Dam looms large up ahead.  Here you will encounter the first climb of the day – the "Broken Bridge" by the dam, and you will be in between them.  Up this dam hill will bring you to the undulating terrain towards the first rest stop at Spring Valley Elementary School at O'Neals.

      From this point on you will pace yourself going up east to a 6-miler "Walker Grade", which will lead you north through mild ascent and then pleasantly sweeping descent to the very scenic and serene loop of the lake, and the famous and beautiful tourist village named after it – Bass Lake.  "It is situated in the Sierra National Forest about 14 miles from the south entrance of Yosemite National Park…at an elevation of 3,415 ft."

      After a late breakfast treat in Bass Lake, you will NOW be leaving behind the hardest climb of the entire event.  If this statement has not sunk in yet because the cognitive system is sidetracked by the churning digestive system – it means in catatonic cycling speak: the torture is over, for now.

      Long, long, long downhill you cruise on.  At times cyclists loathe the monotony.  But not this time. This is the moment to reflect and gather ones thoughts on what lies yonder – North Fork.  This "is the birth place of Jeff King, four-time champion of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race".  I'm not making this up.  But most importantly, historically or geographically for that matter, North Fork prides itself as the "exact geographical center of the state of California".

      Another long, long, long downhill will bore your adrenaline-induced body.  But this time we warn you because that what lies ahead is one of the most underestimated climbs in this event – the A.G. Wishon Powerhouse.  And the adrenaline will come in handy.  Take a brief moment to enjoy the view from the bridge before you head up.  Although the highest elevation reaches up to 2,245ft, and the weather gets scorching at times, the climb is grinding, lung-busting to some but surprisingly pleasant and overall epic and panoramic to most.  It is in "Kerckhoff Lake (Madera County) and is surrounded by Fowler mountain, Mike Walker canyon and Grapevine canyon".

      Downhill again to the third rest stop is the Fresno County Sheriff Office.  A long, fast, busy road will lead you to the town of Prather all the way down to Dry Creek Trailhead Park in northeast Fresno, where the renowned Killer Bees await you to pamper and spoil your cycling needs with their late lunch, beverages, and rehydration drinks.

      After this late lunch, a flat stretch of road will lead you to Piedra, where the rest of the second half of the event will take place eastward.  From here you will meander to the banks of Pine Flat Lake through rolling terrain.  Soon after, you will turn around at the Trimmer Springs Bridge and negotiate your way back to a very fast descent to Piedra.  The rest of the way is all flat heading back home to the finish line.

      Congratulations, you just earned your California Triple Crown credit along with your sumptuous dinner.

      *The course opens at 4:00 am but the first rest stop does not open until 6:00 am.  The course will close at 12 midnight.*

      Rider Information

      All riders will start and finish at the Homewood Suites / Hampton Inn & Suites, 855 Gettysburg Ave, Clovis, CA 93612. 

      Rider Check-In and Bailout Options

      Please check in at Rest Stops to receive California Triple Crown credit. Moreover, since we are offering “bailout options” along the course, it is going to be imperative to check in at each of the rest stops.

      At the same time for safety reasons, this will give our Support Team necessary information as to which rider is actually on the course. Sometimes it happens that a rider will miss a turnoff, and we want to make sure if that happens, the Support Team can locate that rider. If you abandon the ride, please make our Support Team aware that you are off the course.

      Philosophy and Safety

      This is a strenuous event. Only experienced, long-distance cyclists should attempt this ride. The Fresno Cycling Club Support Team will do everything possible in order for you to complete this double century. Having said that, finishing the ride shall not take precedence over safety. If the Support Team feels it is not safe for a rider to physically, mentally, or mechanically continue, the rider will be pulled from the course. A conditioned rider should finish this ride within 20 hours.


      All Riders Must Wear An Approved Helmet At All Times

      • All riders may be required to check-in at each Rest Stop in order to keep track of every rider on the course. Check-in at the conclusion of your ride so we know that you are no longer on the course.
      • All riders must wear or attach to their bike a bib number that can be easily seen.
      • All riders must carry their person identification, appropriate medical information, and a list of emergency contacts. In the event of an emergency or accident, the Fresno Cycling Club Support Team will immediately contact the appropriate emergency services agency, arrange for first aid, transportation, and/or emergency medical treatment. The cost of any emergency medical treatment, including the cost of any ambulance or emergency airlift is the responsibility of the rider.
      • All riders must conform to the California Vehicle Code and all applicable laws.
      • Please be aware of approaching vehicles and ride single file. Riding two abreast can frustrate some drivers because they cannot easily get around a bike rider. One can easily determine an experienced long-distance cyclist. That rider is always aware of safety and riding single file.
      • Riders will be disqualified if riding without lights at night.
      • Private SAGs are not allowed.
      • Notify the Fresno Cycling Club Support Team if you abandon the ride.

      Rest Stops Along the Route

      Along with the normal rest stop fare, we plan to have available at each rest stop nutrition, hydration, and SportLegs.

      After Ride

      As always, a well deserved post ride meal will be served at the start/finish location. However, to allow our hard working food preparation staff to get home at a reasonable hour, buffet food service will end at 10 pm. However, late finishers may take home or microwave on site preserved meals.

      Other Area Hotels

      The nearest overnight accommodations:

      Best Western Clovis Cole
      415 Clovis Ave.
      Clovis, Ca. 93611

      America's Best Value Inn - formerly known as Rodeo Lodge
      1616 Clovis Ave.
      Clovis, Ca. 93611

      University Inn
      2655 E. Shaw Ave.
      Fresno, Ca. 93710

      For those wanting to save on hotel cost, couch or floor space may also be available with Fresno Cycling Club members.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: Is there a cut-off time?
      A: Yes. The cut-off time is 6:30 pm at the MR5 Rest Stop before heading up to Trimmer Springs.

      Q: Do I have to check in before I start riding Saturday morning, and at each rest stop?
      A: Yes. For organizational purposes and for safety reasons, it is important for the Support Team to know who is on the course and who is not. It is not uncommon for a SAG driver to spend wasted hours looking for a rider who did not check in. And, for Triple Crown purposes, you must prove that you were there.

      Q: Are you going to have road markings at each corner?
      A: All of the corners will be either designated with road markings or a sign. Some of the corners cannot legally have either one so please regard your route sheet as your bible.

      Q: How early can I leave on Saturday morning?
      A. After you have checked-in with the Registrar on Saturday morning at the Homewood Suites Banquet Hall, the earliest you can start is 3:30am.  The slower riders should take advantage of this early start time.  The faster riders should not leave any earlier than 6:30am because they will overrun our rest stops if they do.  Remember, the first Rest Stop opens at 6:00am.

      Results and Photos

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