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The Fresno Cycling Club (FCC) is a 501(c)(7) club promoting cycling and safety in the Central Valley.  FCC was founded in 1962 and is one of the oldest and largest bicycling club in California.

We are a community of over 700 like-minded people that promote safe and legal bicycle riding for recreation and transportation. We value riding our bicycles with friends, organizing cycling programs and events, funding bicycle-related organizations and programs and advocating for laws and infrastructure improvements that support safe cycling. We strive to promote a mutual respect between motorists and bicyclists by adhering to the Bicyclist’s Code of Conduct. As a member of the Club, you become an Advocate for better bicycling. We protect the rights of cyclists by following local, state, and national affairs as they concern cycling.

On our website, you can learn about who we are and what we do.  With events that range from the local ice cream rides to Climb to Kaiser (a 155-mile event that Bicycling magazine says is one of the 10 toughest), FCC promotes cycling not just as an activity, but a regular part of your life. 

If you enjoy riding your bike, FCC has a place for you! 

FCC hosts several major events for our large cycling community to enjoy. Several of which have been in existence for many years now. Our Ride Directors/Coordinators and Volunteers continue the tradition of hosting great rides for the love of bicycling.

FCC's 2024 events include:

  • The 6th Annual Everyone Loves Raymond Gravel Ride - March 23, 2024
  • The 34th Annual Kirch Flat Century and Rides - May 4th, 2024
  • The 45th Annual C2K & Tollhouse Century - June 22, 2024.
  • The 29th Annual Grizzly Gravel & Century Charity Rides - Oct 5, 2024
  • The 19th Annual Bass Lake Double Century - Oct 12, 2024
  • The 4th Annual Tour de Femme Charity Ride - Oct 26, 2024

Welcome to the Fresno Cycling Club.

Join the Club's Strava page at https://www.strava.com/clubs/1205957/leaderboard.

Dennis Ball, President

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