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The Fresno Cycling Club Climb to Kaiser

The Fresno Cycling Club is proud to present the 45th Annual Climb to Kaiser and Tollhouse Century on Saturday, June 22, 2024.  The Climb to Kaiser is one of the most epic legendary rides you will find to challenge your abilities. It is a ride that requires significant training and effort to make sure you finish. The traditional Climb to Kaiser is rated as one of the 10 toughest rides in America by Bicycling Magazine. It is 155 miles with over 15,000+ feet of climbing. This ride will test your mental and physical toughness. It is a ride that showcases the beauty and majesty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You will enjoy the scenic vistas and ride along two beautiful lakes, Shaver Lake and Huntington Lake. 

The Tollhouse Century is 99 miles long with 8,200 feet of climbing. Perfect for the intermediate climber who hasn't trained enough to complete the Climb to Kaiser but wants to feel it out first and get a taste of the Sierra Nevada foothills and the Valley heat.

START TIMES:  THE MASS START OCCURS AT 5:30 AM. You can start at 4:30 am if you need extra time to finish by 10 pm. Tollhouse riders must leave no later than 7:00 am.

Additional Information


    • Due to concerns for rider safety and road conditions, spectator vehicles are prohibited on Huntington Lake Rd. between the turn-off from Hwy 168 and the Bear Cove Lunch Stop. Riders associated with a vehicle will be disqualified. 
    • Our operating plan with the National Forest Service limits the number of vehicles at the Kaiser Pass rest stop. Spectator vehicles are prohibited above the snow gate on Kaiser Pass Road. Riders associated with a vehicle will be disqualified.
    • Riders must leave the Lake Shore Resort Lunch Stop and begin Kaiser Pass Road by 4:00 pm.
    • Riders must leave Shaver Lake rest stop by 7:30 pm.
    • Riders without lights will be pulled from the course after 8:30 p.m.


    We suggest that each rider:

    • Have a bicycle in excellent mechanical condition.
    • Carry 2 water bottles, spare tubes and tools.
    • Wear hot weather clothing and a helmet (mandatory).
    • Carry extra money, just in case.
    • Check the Huntington Lake weather forecast and be prepared for cool weather on Kaiser Pass if indicated. In 2017 it hailed
    • Gearing of 36 X 32-36 or a triple is highly recommended.

    Lights/Energy Drinks

    If you expect to finish after dark, you are required to have lights (front and back).

    Lights may be dropped off at registration. Please have lights in a paper grocery bag with your name and rider number listed. All bags will be taken to the Shaver Lake rest stop. It is each rider’s responsibility to pick up their lights, as unclaimed items may not be returned after the ride.

    Also, if you would like energy drink powder brought up to Shaver Lake, place it in brown paper bags with your name and number listed. (No cans, please). Any items not picked up will be thrown out after 7 p.m. There will be a separate drop-off area at registration for your drink mix.

    After the Ride

    We will have an after-ride lunch/dinner beginning at 2:00 p.m. for all participants. Additional meal tickets are available for purchase. ($15.00, pre-ordered only)

    Friday Night

    Friday night the City of Clovis features a Farmer’s Market in Old Town Clovis from 6-8 p.m. There are several restaurants located in the downtown area within walking distance from the Rodeo Grounds.



    Event T-shirts included with registration,

    Commemorative Finisher's Jersey

    All jerseys must be ordered by the end of the day on Saturday, July 1, 2024.
    Climb To Kaiser/Tollhouse Century Finisher's Jerseys can be ordered with your registration or on the day of the Climb to Kaiser for $85.00 each. The C2K finisher's jersey is available to anyone who has ever completed the Climb to Kaiser. The Tollhouse Finishers jersey can be purchased by riders completing the Tollhouse Century. All jerseys will be mailed after the event or picked up at a designated local Bike Shop. Production is not scheduled until the end of August; riders should expect jerseys by the beginning of October. See the Voler Size Chart for size options.  Jerseys can be ordered in "Race Cut" or "Club Cut".  Contact the C2K coordinator if you have questions.

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    Climb to Kaiser 1997 - 2024

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