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Rough Draft

July 2024


     Greetings fellow Fresno cycling club members, 

     Welcome to Fresno's hot summer. Starting July with a big heat wave is not the best way to delve into summer unless you have a swimming pool or live by some water. As far as bike riding goes, it looks like it's going to be tough to get some rides in unless you do them early in the morning or possibly late in the afternoon. We may even go out for night rides when it is cooler, bring lights.  Most of us who have lived in Fresno for over a few years know how to ride in the heat.  It does take a little time to get used to, but once you do it a few times riding in the heat gets easier. It is smart to wear a lot of sunscreen on your exposed skin, or cover up with various types of clothing such as arm covers, head scarves, leg or knee covers, etc. Let’s get out and put on some rides. First up is 4th of July All Club members’ ride. Sign up at: 


     The 45th edition of the Climb to Kaiser proved why it is such a challenging ride. It was a scorcher that day and the riders felt it. There was plenty of water and ice flowing at every rest stop, especially on Old Tollhouse Road and Big Creek’s Huntington Lake Road where SAG drivers were giving water to riders who had already run out before the next rest stop. The rest stops were well stocked with watermelons, grapes, strawberries, all hydrating fruits. The riders were using hydration and electrolyte powders at every rest stop. The wet towels and ice were a huge hit as well as the foot pool at the Millerton Rest Stop. Riders were asking for the popsicles that we have had in the past but didn’t have this year. Maybe next year. 

     This year we utilized a new Timing System Team for the event. It captured the start times for all the riders both for the Kaiser and the Tollhouse Century. It also captured the Kaiser Pass split time for the C2K riders and of course the finish times. Although C2K isn’t a race, it is definitely a Time Trial for some of the riders who like to see how fast they can complete the ride. Others just want to make sure they finish.  

     This year we had a rider from the Czech Republic who knew he was going to be in town for a wedding, so he checked to see what local rides were happening, found the C2K and registered. He did the ride and came in with the fastest time at 8 hours and 32 minutes. Another rider, a cousin of one of our members, came from Columbia to do the ride. There were a couple of riders from Texas who rode and finished the C2K, as well as riders from our neighboring states and the two riders from Washington were back to do the official C2K since they only did an unofficial ride last year.   

     Here is a comment from a Tollhouse Rider.” Good morning. I just wanted to let you both know what an exceptionally well-organized ride you put on yesterday. I can't believe how prepared you were for all potential events, the SAG was amazing and ever present, the ice towels were genius, and I felt like I wouldn't have made this ride without all of your volunteer support. I've done many century rides through many years, and I think this is the best supported ride I've ever done. Most people think about the food, but it's not just about the food, it's about everything else! Thank you for doing such an amazing job. I hope everyone made it back safely and you can get some rest soon.”  

     This year we had a total of 172 riders registered, C2K had 91 finishers, 12 DNF’s, 1 DQ and14 no shows. The Tollhouse had 37 Finishers, 10 DNF’s, 1 DQ, and 4 no shows. We hired two off duty CHP motor officers to work the route along 168 from the top of the Four Lane on Hwy 168 to Huntington Lake. One of the Officers helped as a SAG by giving some of the riders bananas and water that he got from the Shaver Lake Rest Stop, that was pretty cool. 

     As the Climb to Kaiser Ride Director, I want to thank all the fantastic volunteers who made this event possible. It took over 100 volunteers to make this event successful. I appreciate and thank our fellow Cycling Clubs from Kings County Velo who staffed the Kaiser Pass Rest stop, the Southern Sierra Cycling Club who staffed the Big Creek Rest Stop, the Killer Bees who staffed the Shaver Lake Rest Stop, the Bike Shop at Woodward Park for staffing the Pine Ridge Rest stop, and FACT for staffing the Tollhouse Market Rest Stop. The Tuesday/Thursday Ride Crew staffed the Tollhouse Water stop, our Treasurer, Elida, and her crew worked the first rest stop at Wildcat hill top, and the Millerton Store Rest stop was staffed by two shifts of volunteers. We also must thank our great Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers Crew for providing communications coverage with all our rest stops and the base at Start/Finish, which thankfully this year we had no accidents to keep them busy. We also had a couple of new sponsors this year, Formula 369, owner Eric Ellis sponsored us with 150 packets of his energy powder, and Rosa Brothers Dairy donated 150 bottles of Chocolate Milk for an after-ride recovery drink.   

     Overall, the event was very successful with no accidents and only one mishap where a rider collapsed at a Rest stop due to heat exposure and was taken by Ambulance for medical treatment. He called later and reported that he was fine. 


     Last year we did not have the Annual Tour de Lakes ride due to the poor road conditions of the McKinley Grove Road from Dinkey Creek to Wishon Dam. This year the road has been checked out and with the new pavement on about 75% of the road with the other 25% having patched potholes, the road is rideable. At this point we are planning to do the ride on Saturday July 27, 2024, however at the time of this writing there have been a series of fires that were started by a recent lightening storm which are currently creating smokey hazardous riding conditions in the mountains. We will make plans to go forward while keeping an eye on the conditions. If necessary, we can always move the ride to August if need be.  

     That’s enough for now. Be safe out there on the roads, gravel or dirt. As always “Ride safe and ride legal”

The Prez
Dennis Ball


     Get in that all-important pre-hot dog and fireworks ride the morning of July 4th.  

     Use the registration link below to sign up for the FCC 4th of July, A, B & C Level Rides. All rides begin and end at the Steven's Bike Shop parking lot on the corner of Willow and Nees. Choose from 10 mile A Level ride, or a 25 mile B Level Ride that will go out and back Auberry Road to Millerton Store, or a 41 mile C Level Ride that will go out and back Auberry Road to Wellbarn.

     Plan to be at Steven's Bike Shop Parking Lot by 7:45, or earlier if you want a little extra pre-ride social time with other members. We will use a staggered start with the C Level Ride starting promptly at 8:00 am, the B Level Ride at 8:05, and the A Level Ride at 8:10. If you have any questions, email  

     This is a Free event but we are asking club members to register using the following link. You will need to log-in to your FCC account to register.

     Due to the local fires we are paying close attention to the air quality.  An AQI above 150 cancels.  (See more on AQI below)

Fresno Cycling Club - 2024 FCC 4th of July Rides


    With the repair of McKinley Grove Road, FCC is excited to bring back the Tour d' Lakes on Saturday, July 27, 2024.  Tour d' Lakes is a member ride with ride options of 33 or 55 miles.  Both rides turn around at the same point but have different starting points.  

     If you have never been on McKinley Grove Road keep in mind this is a narrow mountain road with no bike lane and minimal shoulder and steep drop-offs.  There are also some very sharp turns while descending on the ride back to either start location.  While traffic tends to be light, we recommend this ride only for experienced cyclists.    

     The Tour d' Lakes is a free members only event.  You can find more information and register online through the FCC website.  


     As Dennis mentioned, there are local fires that started a few days ago. Year round it is important to check the local Air Quality Index before you go out to ride.  In the summertime, it can be particularly bad.  Air Quality is rated by a color system.  Green is Good, Yellow is Moderate, and Orange is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Of course, things can get worse than Orange.  Red is Unhealthy for everyone, Purple is Very Unhealthy, and Maroon is Hazardous.  If you've lived in the Fresno/Clovis area long enough you may have seen children's sporting events get canceled due to a "Purple Air Day."  So, before your next ride, be sure to check the AQI.

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District


     What could be more fun than going on your favorite ride with some other club members?  Not much. (We are a cycling club so that answer may be biased)

     We are currently seeking club members that are interested in becoming ride leaders through our new Ride Leader Mentorship program. The goal of the program is to increase the number of club ride leaders and add a greater variety of rides to the club ride calendar. Members interested in the program should be willing to commit to leading four (or more if desired) rides per calendar year.  As the ride leader you get to choose the ride route, ride speed, rest stops, etc.  .  After you are paired with a Ride Leader Mentor there are three basic steps.

1. You go on a group ride as a participant.  During this ride you want to pay particular attention to your Ride Leader Mentor observing the things they do as the ride leader.

2. You go on a group ride as an assistant ride leader.  Your Ride Leader Mentor will introduce you at the beginning of the ride as the assistant ride leader and assign you certain responsibilities during the ride.  Example, for the first half of the ride you might be the "Sweep" and ride at the back of the group to make sure everyone stays on course.

3. You go on a group ride as the ride leader and your Ride Leader Mentor will go as your assistant ride leader.  You will coordinate this ride with your Mentor and they will help you with route planning, getting the ride added to the ride calendar, and be there with you to help out on the ride. 

     Once you have completed those three steps, you are a Ride Leader!  Your Ride Leader Mentor is still there to assist you with planning and getting your first  official ride on the ride calendar.  Ideally, this ride will take place within 30 days of the completion of Step 3.  For more information on the Ride Leader Mentorship Program, email  Be sure to include your name, email, phone number, and ride level.     


     Sure, it may be hot outside, but summer days are long and provide a great opportunity for training for fall events.  Of course, we recommend riding as early in the day as possible.   

     This October the club is hosting two popular events.  The first, on October 12th, is the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century. The BLPDC is 200 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing.  The first 100 miles takes you up and around Bass Lake.  The second 100 miles takes you out to Pine Flat.  

     The second October event is the Tour de Femme.  This year the TDF will begin and end at Clovis Hills Community Church (corner of International and Willow).  As with past years, there will be three different ride options.  

     Be on the lookout for future emails and Facebook postings regarding both of these events.  


     "The Griz" offers two gravel rides and three road rides all in the scenic Bass Lake area.  For gravel rides, you can choose from a 40 or 60 mile option.  For road rides, you can choose from 24 miles,63 (metric century), or 100 (full century)  

     For more details and to register visit The Grizzly website


     Among our club membership, two of the most popular out of town events take place later this summer.  

     The Cool Breeze Century and rides takes place in Ventura County on August 17th, 2024.  They offer five different routes from 30 miles all the way to 125.  And let's face it, it's a lot cooler in Ventura County in August than it is in Fresno.  Visit the Cool Breeze Century.

     Another popular out of town event is the Lighthouse Century and Rides hosted by the San Luis Obispo Bike Club.  This year, the Lighthouse takes place on Saturday, September 28th.  The Lighthouse has four routes.  65 mile gravel, 65 mile road, 75 mile road, or 95 mile road.  For more information, visit the SLOBC Lighthouse website.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024   

6:30 PM

Me N Eds Victory Grill

4010 N Cedar Ave


Your Membership Renewal Date:



  • FCC 4th of July A, B, & C Rides - Thursday, July 4
  • FCC Tour de Lakes Members Ride - Saturday, July 27
  • Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century – Saturday, Oct 12
  • Tour d' Femme - Saturday, Oct 26


     Have a group picture from a recent club ride?  Submit it to for a future edition of the Rough Draft. Please include the date and the destination of the ride.  See the picture at the top of this newsletter as an example.


     How many times have you heard someone say, “How can you sit on that tiny seat for so long. Doesn’t it hurt?”

     It doesn’t matter if you’re riding on the Rails to Trails path to North Clovis, or you just completed the Climb to Kaiser, you are a cyclist and you also fit into a very small percentage of the population that will put their bodies to a test, sometimes with joyful results and sometimes with pain and agony.

     My first bike was bought from an LBS (Local Bike Shop) and the sales guy pulled out some tools to fit the bike to me. I rode that bike for years. It was pre-Strava, so I don’t know how many miles I put on it, but it was a lot. My current bike was pretty much treated with the same experience by moving the saddle up and back and then I was sent on my way.

     It wasn’t until recently that I finally had a proper professional bike fit done. Skeptically I thought the cost may outweigh the benefit if all the fitter discovered was my saddle was too low. Surprisingly there were so many suggestions that I grew weary to all of them. My bike fit was ok, I’ve done more than 5,000 miles on it in its current configuration, and I didn’t want to make too many changes at once. Reluctantly I took the fitters advice and order shorter cranks, new cycling shoes, moved my saddle position up 13mm and forward 5mm, changed the angle of my bars, the reach to my hoods, and width (or Q factor) of my peddles; every contact point was adjusted or changed to conform to a bike fitter with over 10,000 fits and five different certifications by nationally ranked bike fitting organizations. It was a whole new position to ride in.

     The results are in. My power has gone up, my perceived effort has gone down, my comfort on the bike is so much better. We’re heading out on a multi-week vacation with plans of a lot of riding and I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this. If you’re interested in a professional bike fit and need a contact, find me on the FCC Facebook page and I’d be happy to point you in the direction I took. So, no suggestions for bike maintenance this month. Just a tip from fellow cyclist.

Richard Lawley


    The following is a list of FCC ride groups and locations to find FCC Rides.

FCC Website



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