The Rough Draft for November 2020

Biking in Portugal
October, 2021

Want to join several members of FCC’s Mid-Week Morning ride group for a remarkable 13-day bicycle tour of Central Portugal?

Click on the link to find out the details of Al Graves and Liz Pianetta's bike tour in Portugal next October. 

This is a fully supported ride, with great food.  It promises to be a great time.

FCC Board Meeting

Nov 4th, 6:30 PM

 The board meeting will likely be scheduled as a Zoom meeting, unless a suitable outdoor location is found.

The Rough Draft

Nov 2020

Your Membership Renewal Date:



   At the October FCC Board meeting, a recommendation was made that since we had to cancel most all our events for 2020 (including our Club picnic and the Annual Christmas Party), we should offer our Club members a free Club T-shirt. The suggestion was unanimously approved, and Diana Dean offered to spearhead the project.

   Two weeks ago, an email was sent out to all current members advising them of the T-shirt “event link” to get your free FCC T-shirt.  Of our 952 members, 370 ordered their shirts by the end of October. That is less than 40% of our members.

   I realize not everyone is into T-shirts, but hey it’s a Club shirt. Great to wear at club events or just out in public to show you’re a bicyclist and they don’t cost you anything.

   If you didn’t order but would like to, you're in luck.  The deadline has been extended to Saturday Nov 7th at midnight to place your order.  If you have any questions, contact Diana Dean at

The Prez Sez:

Greetings FCC members and fellow bicyclists.


   The theft of high-end bicycles has been increasing in Fresno, as well as the rest of the country. One of my police friends was telling me that bike theft is significantly on the rise in the Central Valley, and law enforcement has been working hard to combat this. More and more, the criminals are breaking into back yards, vehicles, and garages to steal bicycles. Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car as they break into cars to unlock the garage door. Stolen bicycles end up on EBay and other online sights in as little as 10 minutes after being stolen according, to a recent article in Bicycling Magazine.

   The Bicycling article says that:

More than 2 million bikes are stolen each year in North America—meaning every 30 seconds, someone’s ride was going missing. And the problem has only been growing during the coronavirus pandemic, when more people have turned to bicycles as their main mode of transportation.

According to CBS News, riders in New York have filed more than 4,000 stolen bike complaints to the New York City Police Department.  That's up nearly 28%, from 3,507 complaints over the same period a year earlier, according to the New York City Police Department. In other major cities like Denver, bike theft was up 23 percent year-over-year from January through September.

According to the research compiled by the world’s biggest bike registry, Project 529 Garage, bike theft across North America is a billion-dollar problem. Of the millions of bicycles stolen every year, police typically only recover several hundred thousand.

J Allard, the founder of Project 529, told Bicycling last year that those are pretty conservative estimates, too. They arrived at those figures after working with countless cities and police departments, a survey they put together, and by extrapolating FBI data.

In all, the best bet for recovering a stolen bike is by using the bike’s serial number. If the owner knows the serial number and can share it with police, along with make, model, and images, police can then prove ownership.

So, it’s not necessarily the fault of police departments, as Allard said many assume. Instead, it’s hard to reunite bikes with their proper owners largely because people don’t know their serial number, don’t register their bike, and don’t report the theft to police.

In fact, according to the organization’s data, only one in five bikes are ever reported as stolen, less than 20 percent of bike owners even know their bike’s serial number, and only 1 percent of bike owners ever register their bikes with some kind of registry, like 529 Garage.”

It is recommended that you register your bicycles with 529 Garage at


   During this pandemic, the best way to get out and ride is either by yourself or in small groups of 10 or less. Many of our Club rides have continued during this pandemic, with smaller groups riding together and practicing safe social distancing and mask wearing when required. There are groups who list their weekly rides on the FCC Ride Calendar, on Facebook pages, Messenger groups or email groups.

   If you have a question about how to lead a ride, or find out more about the ride groups, contact either one of our two Ride Coordinators, (A/B Rides) Mark Locatelli (, and (C/D Rides) Henry Pretzer (


   On Halloween, we held the 2020 OLD TOLLHOUSE Time Trial. If you're not familiar with what that is, it is a race against the clock on a nearly 7-mile stretch of Old Tollhouse Road, beginning in front of the Tollhouse Market and proceeding up the grade to the intersection with the Four Lanes of Highway 168.

   Our TT Ride Director Richard Gabel his wife Hollie Gabel have taken over the baton of conducting this event from Nick Lucich and his wife Chris (who have done it informally for about 15 years). Over the last few years, Richard and Hollie have used a time keeping system to facilitate the event. Chris Hamilton and Nick Lucich continue to provide the after ride treats at the top of the four lanes. It was perfect weather, and there was a great turnout with nearly 30 riders. There were some PR’s and new KOM set. Congrats to Chaz Turmon for beating his past KOM with a 32.21 time.


Since we didn’t receive any interest from other members to vie for a position on the FCC Board, and all the current Board members are willing to stay in their positions, we will be sending out a vote-by-email in November as per the requirements of our incorporation rules. Please vote.

Stay safe and Covid-19 free. Hopefully I will see you on the road soon.

The Prez, Dennis Ball 



   The Bass Lake Double Century sadly has been rescheduled for Oct 9th, 2021. It was cancelled for 2020 due to Covid-19 concerns and the safety of our riders and volunteers.


   At the time of this writing, the Grizzly is still being scheduled for Saturday Oct 3, 2020. Registration will open this month. Due to Covid-19 issues, the event will have certain protocols that will be followed.


   If you’re looking for rides, be sure to check out the FCC Ride Calendar. We have various Ride Groups having rides to help you get out and get some exercise, and keep those riding legs, heart and lungs in shape. 

That is all I have for now. Stay safe and healthy. Ride safe and ride legal.

See you on the road.

The Prez,  Dennis Ball


   If you’re looking for rides, be sure to check out the FCC Ride Calendar. We have various Ride Groups regularly having rides to help you get out and get some exercise. You've got to keep those riding legs, heart and lungs in shape. 

Local Bike Shops and Other Friends


 For many of us, eating and riding are the two major things in life.  We all rely on and support our local bike shops.  These are the people dedicated to making sure that we can all safely enjoy what we do.  A few local restaurants and other supporters go out of their way to accommodate cyclists.  Please be sure to support these folks, and tell them you are an FCC Member!

Other Items

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