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The Prez Sez...

Greetings fellow bicyclists! 

   I want to start by saying that we have a GREAT bicycling club. What is it that differentiates a “hum drum” bicycling club from a “thriving,” or “great” bicycling club? I would say to be great takes: 1) strong leadership from the Board of Directors; 2) willingness of club members to play an active roll in club activities and support the club’s mission; 3) members willing to step up to leadership roles as Ride Directors and Ride Leaders; 4) involvement in the community by supporting bicycle advocacy and safety for all who use the roadways and trails; 5) members who love and support one another by encouraging them on all levels of ability to be better riders; and most of all 6) members who see the value of supporting the club and keeping it strong by paying their annual dues. 

   As President of this great Fresno Cycling Club (over 55 years in existence!), I want to express a huge THANK YOU to all our Members and especially the past and present Board Members. After all, without great members we couldn’t have a great club. With that said, there is always room for growth and improvement. I feel that we are on course to do just that. With the help of a great IT person, William Ewy, we now have a better website with much more content and functionality. Thank you, William! With the efforts of Bill Reddington as editor of our newsletter, we have been able to expand the written material into digital form to be accessed on the website or in email. With the new website, our ride coordinators Nancy Dooley and Henry Pretzer can keep our digital ride calendar a living document by making changes as needed or adding rides as they become available. With the use of email and Facebook we have active communication sources to keep our members informed on a daily basis. We encourage input from our members as to how we can make things better as well. We want our club to represent all members as much as possible, whether you’re an “A” level rider just getting started, a “B” level rider, an advanced “Killer Bee” level rider, a “C” level or a “D” level rider. We want to encourage the formation of ride groups, such as the Killer Bees, the Sassy C’s, the ROG’s, the Velominati or whatever clever names you can come up with.

Time Trial Series

   I want to thank those involved in putting on a successful Time Trial series this year; Richard and Holly Gabel, Patricia Dailey, Janae Tala Dixon, Laura Ramos, Edward Gonzalez and Scott Smith and others.  Our FCC team and that of the TC3 Club combined to co-sponsor a series of 7 Belmont/Academy and Friant Road Time Trials as well as the Tollhouse Time Trial (that was started and had been ran by Nick Lucich and Chris Hamilton). The Time Trial series has been a staple of FCC for several years. It gives riders of all abilities a chance to race against the clock on a 10-mile course to gauge their conditioning and experience the thrill of racing. It’s a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to try it if you have never done it. The series will be back next year from April through September. 

October Events

 October 1st will be Cencalvia (an open street family affair on Kings Canyon Road between First Street and Cedar Avenue). It is a one-mile section of roadway closed down to cars between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm for use by bicycles, pedestrians, games, skateboards, roller skates, etc. It was a great success in it’s first year last year. The FCC supports the efforts of the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition in promoting this event. This event is patterned after the Cyclovia (Spanish for cycle way) started years ago in Colombia, and has been implemented in many US cities including LA and San Francisco. Currently the local event is annual, but it is hoped that with the support of the city of Fresno it will become more frequent. FCC will be hosting a booth to assist with the fitting of bicycle helmets for kids as well as providing pizza for all the volunteers. Director at Large, Diana Millhollin was instrumental in coordinating FCC’s involvement. Thank you, Diana and crew. 

   The other big event this month is the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century on October 14th. This year the ride is being directed by Angelo Quitorio and the FACT (Filipino American Cycling Team) a sub-group of FCCs. We are looking forward to a spectacular event. Angelo and team have done a great job in getting all the preparations in place. The route has been set, rest stop volunteers are in place, SAG drivers have been selected, and after-ride meal preparations made. Now, let’s treat the riders to a great ride and make that nearly 200 miles with 10000+ feet of Climb rewarding for them all. Thank you, Angelo and team.


   One problem (which is a great problem to have) is deciding which ride to do. Our club can now offer several different rides at different ride levels for our members to choose from. Keep up the great work Nancy and Henry and all our ride leaders. Don’t let the fact that there seems to be more choices stop you from being a ride leader, there is always room for more rides. We have a lot of members and the best rides are the ones you enjoy doing. Rides groups of 10 or less are great for ride leaders as they are easy to manage. When groups get larger than 20, although they are fun and impressive, they can be overwhelming to keep track of everyone. So, don’t think you have to have a lot of riders in your group for it to be a successful ride. Other rides being made available to club members are the A-Train rides, Killer Bee rides, the FACT rides, All Roads Rides and rides being put on by the various bike shops, (ie, Sunnyside Bicycles, Rubber Soul Bicycles, Stevens Bicycles and the Bike Shop at Woodward Park). So, find the group that fits your style of riding and have a great time. 


I am excited to share that the new membership/website software we acquired is working just as we had hoped.  This makes it easier to handle new memberships as well as renewals. Thanks to the expertise of our Webmaster William Ewy for making it happen. All our events and ticketing will reside on our website. Eventbrite has been a great tool for us to handle membership and events, but we can offer more now. The next step we can explore is the use of “automatic renewal” of memberships. Progress is being made, I hope you all like it.  Let us know!

Well it’s time to get back to enjoying my vacation, see you all on the road.   


The Prez

AKA Dennis Ball

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