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The Prez Sez... December 2017

2017-11-30 5:44 PM | Anonymous

Greetings fellow bicyclists and Cycling Club members.

The Central Valley - a Cycling Mecca

When your passion is bicycling, you can’t find a better place in California to live than the Central Valley. No matter what type of bicycle you ride, there are areas to satisfy. Every mode of bike travel, from trails around town, to the country and foothills, and roadways everywhere. Some with fun routes into the nearby foothills and some with challenging climbs in the mountains, often with bike lanes or nice shoulders. Couple the superb areas to ride with some beautiful weather and you have a winning combination to satisfy many passionate bicyclists. Being centrally located also makes it rather easy to access other great riding areas on the coast and bay areas.

Fabulous November of Cycling

Talking about beautiful weather, this November allowed for some great bicycling. Ride leader Ken Herrington took a group on his annual American River Parkway ride, reporting back about having a fabulous time. Lori Cherry put together another great ride in the Brevet Series, Henry Pretzer lead another All-Roads Ride, Ann Heiniger lead a great foothill ride, the Killer Bees led by Joseph Cassinerio had some great rides, as well as all of our other ride leaders. Thanks to all of our stalwart ride leaders who continue to bless the Club members with many ride opportunities and options.

Another year as the Prez

Over 6 years ago I was asked by then Club President Ron Quitoriano if I would serve as the Club’s Vice President as then-VP Don Warner was stepping down. His pitch was that it was an "easy position" and that all I had to do was to put together the Annual Christmas Party. I thought that seemed easy enough, why not? I had just retired from the Fresno Police Department and figured I would have plenty of time to put together this one event. Little did I know that Ron’s plan was to retire that next year after having served for over 4 years. He also hadn’t told me that the VP position was automatically next in line for President. Well, it has been 5 years as President for FCC. I have a great group serving as our Board of Directors, which makes my job as President easier. I have to say I have enjoyed serving as the Prez and look forward to at least another year at the helm.

Looking back on 2017, I can say it has been a fantastic year of bicycling for our club members. It would be interesting to tally up the total miles ridden this year by all of our members. There have been so many great accomplishments this year, the many metric, century, and double century rides. The numerous bike tours both guided and solo. The Silver State 508 raceby several of our members. The out of country rides covering countless miles. And the many local, daily, weekly and monthly rides of the FCC ride calendar. Not to mention all of the miles of racing by many members. I suppose it could be done if everyone would list their total miles for the year on the website. We will work on that. Start tallying your miles.

The Prez - AKA Dennis Ball

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