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The Prez Sez...

  • 2018-02-01 3:48 PM | Anonymous

    The Prez Sez...

    Happy 56th Birthday, Fresno Cycling Club! FCC has been around for a long time: John F. Kennedy was the US President in 1962, and the Schwinn catalog had a full range of bicycles priced under $100. The Schwinn Super Continental sold for $107 and the Schwinn Paramount race bike sold for $175. Things have changed quite a bit over the years. Now instead of 10 speeds, we have 22 or more. Instead of steel frames, we have carbon fiber frames and carbon fiber wheels. In fact, you can now have just about everything carbon fiber on the bike (except the tires). Instead of a $175 race bike we now have $12,000 race bikes. But after 56 years and many changes, riding a bicycle is pretty much the same. We still ride for fun, for exercise and for a challenge.

    The Fresno Cycling Club has its roots as a racing team, but over the years has morphed into the Central Valley’s largest recreational cycling club. Our mission today is to promote safe, legal cycling through our many cycling rides and cycling events. Our member ride leaders and event volunteers make this all come together every year. Our dedicated Board members help lead the Club and carry out the mission.

    As we ride into 2018, the Fresno Cycling Club has big plans for some great riding, including:

    1. The Brevet Series will kick off this year with the Raymond 200K Brevet on Feb 24th, the first of 6 brevets that are scheduled. The other 5 are listed on the Club’s Website.
    2. The Belmont - Academy Time Trial Series starts Tuesday March 20. These TT’s are free to members and $5.00 for non-members.
    3. The Annual FACT Ride in April.
    4. The Kirch Flat Century (Cinco de Mayo Century) will occur on May 5th this year. Registration will open soon.
    5. The 42nd Annual Climb to Kaiser will occur on June 30th this year. Registration is open now. Register now to take advantage of the discounted rate of $95.
    6. The Tour de Lakes will occur on July 28th.
    7. The Grizzly Century (probable date Sept 29th).
    8. The Bass Lake Double Century will occur on Oct 13th.
    9. The Raymond Gravel Grinder (date to be determined).

    In addition to all of these great rides and events, our ride groups are posting all levels of rides on the Club website calendar as well as on our Facebook pages.

    Remember we are all Advocates for safe bicycling by how we ride. Be courteous and be friendly: it goes a long way to give our sport a positive image. Ride safe and Ride legal.

    See you on the road,

    The Prez, aka Dennis Ball

  • 2017-12-31 1:26 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings Club members and Happy New Year!

    Are you as excited about 2018 as I am? I hope so. I am looking forward to all the exciting bicycling that we’ll have in 2018. Not only do we have some great events planned, but we are gaining more ride leaders to fill our daily ride calendar with lots of rides. More rides mean more miles! Many of our members posted some very impressive mileage numbers for 2017, and with more members coming on board, I can see those numbers getting even more impressive.

    With the increasing popularity of cycling, we have experienced a significant increase in our Club’s membership over the past few years. With a Club membership approaching 1,000, it is impossible to get everyone out at once. I suppose a reason for this is that as bicyclists we tend to ride in small groups with friends and bicyclists we feel comfortable with. It is nice to be able to ride with a group with similar abilities and riding styles. We’ve found that when we do put on Club rides, usually only 75-100 or so show up and even on one our largest rides (the New Year’s Day ride, or the Tour de Lakes) we might see a little over 100 riders come out. While we’d like all members to come out for these larger Club rides, we really appreciate all of the smaller ride groups that have stepped up to meet the needs of the Club members!

  • 2017-11-30 5:44 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings fellow bicyclists and Cycling Club members.

    The Central Valley - a Cycling Mecca

    When your passion is bicycling, you can’t find a better place in California to live than the Central Valley. No matter what type of bicycle you ride, there are areas to satisfy. Every mode of bike travel, from trails around town, to the country and foothills, and roadways everywhere. Some with fun routes into the nearby foothills and some with challenging climbs in the mountains, often with bike lanes or nice shoulders. Couple the superb areas to ride with some beautiful weather and you have a winning combination to satisfy many passionate bicyclists. Being centrally located also makes it rather easy to access other great riding areas on the coast and bay areas.

    Fabulous November of Cycling

    Talking about beautiful weather, this November allowed for some great bicycling. Ride leader Ken Herrington took a group on his annual American River Parkway ride, reporting back about having a fabulous time. Lori Cherry put together another great ride in the Brevet Series, Henry Pretzer lead another All-Roads Ride, Ann Heiniger lead a great foothill ride, the Killer Bees led by Joseph Cassinerio had some great rides, as well as all of our other ride leaders. Thanks to all of our stalwart ride leaders who continue to bless the Club members with many ride opportunities and options.

    Another year as the Prez

    Over 6 years ago I was asked by then Club President Ron Quitoriano if I would serve as the Club’s Vice President as then-VP Don Warner was stepping down. His pitch was that it was an "easy position" and that all I had to do was to put together the Annual Christmas Party. I thought that seemed easy enough, why not? I had just retired from the Fresno Police Department and figured I would have plenty of time to put together this one event. Little did I know that Ron’s plan was to retire that next year after having served for over 4 years. He also hadn’t told me that the VP position was automatically next in line for President. Well, it has been 5 years as President for FCC. I have a great group serving as our Board of Directors, which makes my job as President easier. I have to say I have enjoyed serving as the Prez and look forward to at least another year at the helm.

    Looking back on 2017, I can say it has been a fantastic year of bicycling for our club members. It would be interesting to tally up the total miles ridden this year by all of our members. There have been so many great accomplishments this year, the many metric, century, and double century rides. The numerous bike tours both guided and solo. The Silver State 508 raceby several of our members. The out of country rides covering countless miles. And the many local, daily, weekly and monthly rides of the FCC ride calendar. Not to mention all of the miles of racing by many members. I suppose it could be done if everyone would list their total miles for the year on the website. We will work on that. Start tallying your miles.

    The Prez - AKA Dennis Ball

  • 2017-11-01 5:22 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings fellow bicyclists and Cycling Club members.


    Well it is that time of year again, time to exercise our Corporation’s responsibility of nominating and electing our Club Board members. The nominations occurred during October and have closed. The ballot is set and the election will occur this month. We will be conducting an all-electronic election via email. Watch your email in the next week or so for your ballot.


    The 2017 Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century is a wrap. This year’s event was orchestrated by the FCC FACT (Filipino American Cycling Team) lead by Ride Director Angelo Quitorio and his assistant Steve Maquiso. For years the FACT have been assisting with the BLPDC putting on a fabulous rest stop at the Millerton Store. This year Angelo volunteered to take on the Directorship and he did a fabulous job. New features of this year’s event were using the Hampton Inn as the event venue and reversing the route direction. Both of which were well received and praised by the riders. Many riders commented that this is one of the best if not the best supported Double Century ride, with lots of SAG support, radio support and well stocked Rest Stops. Kudos to Angelo and all our great volunteers who made this event successful.


    This year the Fresno Cycling Club is proud to be a part of the First Annual Veterans Appreciation Ride put on by the Club’s own Killer Bees and FACT. The ride is a charity ride to benefit the HONOR FLIGHTS provided to Central Valley Veterans. The ride will be held on Friday Nov 10, 2017. The cost is $25 to ride or you can donate if you can’t ride. The registration link is on the FCC website. This ride is open to all members and friends of the Club. It will be an all level ride from the Clovis Hills Church at Willow - International to Friant and back (15.5 miles) or beyond for those wanting more miles. This event is from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. The ride will be followed by a breakfast served at the church. All veterans and their friends and families are encouraged to attend. Veterans ride for free unless they chose to contribute to help the cause.


    On Saturday November 11th, 2017 the Fresno Cycling Club has been invited to be participants in this year’s annual Veterans Day Parade. Please wear your Fresno Cycling Club jersey or kit, FACT kit or Killer Bee jersey or Kit. Ride the bike of your choice capable of completing the parade route about a mile and a half. Watch Facebook, our website or your email for additional details as they are available.


    For most bicyclists the cycling season is coming to a close as many cyclists are fair weather and warmer weather bicyclists. It has been a great year for bicycling, we have enjoyed many great cycling events this year here on our own turf. Starting off with the Annual New Year’s day ride, the Brevet series, the Time Trial Series, the Blossom Trail ride, the California Classic, Kirch Flat, Hungry Buzzard Century, Climb to Kaiser, Tour de Lakes, the Goathead Century, the Tandem/Recumbent Rally, Tour de Fresno, and the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century. Thanks to all our great ride leaders we were able to enjoy a lot of daily, weekly and monthly club rides. This year also saw the addition of some great gravel grinder rides lead by Henry Pretzer and others.

    Now for those of us that ride all year be sure to check out all the rides on this month’s ride calendar. There will be the Veteran’s Ride, the American River Ride, a Turkey Day ride, a gravel grinder and a Time Trial up the Four lane. So get your cold weather gear out and keep on riding. When you at least keep a base conditioning it makes it so much easier to get into longer riding next season.


    We have been pondering this for some time now. Effective Jan 1, 2018 there will be no printed version of the Rough Draft available in the Bike Shops or mailed to the few members that had been paying for it. No we aren’t stopping the Rough Draft, it will continue on but it will be available through email and on the Website. There are so few people that actually utilize the printed version that is no longer beneficial to produce. Also the main reason those who got it was for the ride calendar. Now that the ride calendar is on the website as a “living” document the printed version is no longer as user friendly as it doesn’t account for last minute changes to the calendar. Also we may be moving to an online BLOG format which would allow for greater input by all members who wish to participate. You will continue to receive the Rough Draft via email delivery.


    I encourage all our members to be a part of the planning process for next year’s rides. If you have a ride that you love to do, remember that others may love it too. Get it on the ride calendar or share it with our ride coordinators, Nancy and Henry and they may have someone willing to lead it if you’re not comfortable leading it. We will be starting off 2018 with the Annual New Year’s Day Ride, in honor of our very own Diana Herrington, who left us too soon, this year’s ride will be the “Diana Herrington New Year’s Day Muffin Ride”. We may be adding a couple of riding events this year. There is interest in bringing back the Bass Lake Century also known as the Big Hat Century, and the Club has been asked to coordinate the Grizzly Century for 2018. We will be looking for Ride Directors to take on these events. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please contact myself or a Board member.


    I hope you all are enjoying using the new FCC Website. Our Webmaster William Ewy has done a great job of getting it up and running in the new format. We can now handle all our club business on the website. Our memberships, new and renewals are all handled at the FCC website, you can even indicate that you want auto-renewal which takes the guess work out of keeping your dues current. We can conduct all our event registrations on the website which makes it easy for members when they login the registration gets populated with all their information, making the registration process a breeze. This also does away with the event fees saving our members and event participants money. We are barely scratching the surface as to the capabilities of this new site, so we look forward to making other aspects of the site available in the future.


    Do you want to take a shot at doing a Double Century (200 miles)? There is one just about every weekend of the year now so there are plenty to choose from. There seems to be a large group of FCC members that are committing to take on the Triple Crown and/or the 1000 Mile challenges for 2018. Watch the ride calendar for training rides and the Facebook FCC Double Century Group for more information. FCC has some legends in the Double Century category, Richard Hoff 150 Doubles, Roehl Caragao 100 Doubles, Ron Quitoriano nearly 100 Doubles, as well as many other FCC and FACT members who have done numerous Doubles. So if you’re interested then contact myself or other Board Members for additional information about the FCC Doubles Gang for 2018.

    That’s all for this month. Hope to see you on the road.

    The Prez

    Dennis Ball

  • 2017-09-28 5:18 PM | Anonymous

    Greetings fellow bicyclists! 

    I want to start by saying that we have a GREAT bicycling club. What is it that differentiates a “hum drum” bicycling club from a “thriving,” or “great” bicycling club? I would say to be great takes: 

    1. strong leadership from the Board of Directors; 
    2. willingness of club members to play an active roll in club activities and support the club’s mission; 
    3. members willing to step up to leadership roles as Ride Directors and Ride Leaders; 
    4. involvement in the community by supporting bicycle advocacy and safety for all who use the roadways and trails; 
    5. members who love and support one another by encouraging them on all levels of ability to be better riders; and most of all 
    6. members who see the value of supporting the club and keeping it strong by paying their annual dues. 

    As President of this great Fresno Cycling Club (over 55 years in existence!), I want to express a huge THANK YOU to all our Members and especially the past and present Board Members. After all, without great members we couldn’t have a great club. With that said, there is always room for growth and improvement. I feel that we are on course to do just that. With the help of a great IT person, William Ewy, we now have a better website with much more content and functionality. Thank you, William! 

    With the efforts of Bill Reddington as editor of our newsletter, we have been able to expand the written material into digital form to be accessed on the website or in email. 

    With the new website, our ride coordinators Nancy Dooley and Henry Pretzer can keep our digital ride calendar a living document by making changes as needed or adding rides as they become available. 

    With the use of email and Facebook we have active communication sources to keep our members informed on a daily basis. We encourage input from our members as to how we can make things better as well. We want our club to represent all members as much as possible, whether you’re an “A” level rider just getting started, a “B” level rider, an advanced “Killer Bee” level rider, a “C” level or a “D” level rider. We want to encourage the formation of ride groups, such as the Killer Bees, the Sassy C’s, the ROG’s, the Velominati or whatever clever names you can come up with.


    I want to thank those involved in putting on a successful Time Trial series this year; Richard and Holly Gabel, Patricia Dailey, Janae Tala Dixon, Laura Ramos, Edward Gonzalez and Scott Smith and others.  Our FCC team and that of the TC3 Club combined to co-sponsor a series of 7 Belmont/Academy and Friant Road Time Trials as well as the Tollhouse Time Trial (that was started and had been ran by Nick Lucich and Chris Hamilton). 

    The Time Trial series has been a staple of FCC for several years. It gives riders of all abilities a chance to race against the clock on a 10-mile course to gauge their conditioning and experience the thrill of racing. It’s a lot of fun and I encourage everyone to try it if you have never done it. The series will be back next year from April through September. 


    October 1st will be Cencalvia (an open street family affair on Kings Canyon Road between First Street and Cedar Avenue). It is a one-mile section of roadway closed down to cars between 11:00 am and 3:00 pm for use by bicycles, pedestrians, games, skateboards, roller skates, etc. It was a great success in it’s first year last year. The FCC supports the efforts of the Fresno County Bicycle Coalition in promoting this event. 

    This event is patterned after the Cyclovia (Spanish for cycle way) started years ago in Colombia, and has been implemented in many US cities including LA and San Francisco. Currently the local event is annual, but it is hoped that with the support of the city of Fresno it will become more frequent. FCC will be hosting a booth to assist with the fitting of bicycle helmets for kids as well as providing pizza for all the volunteers. Director at Large, Diana Millhollin was instrumental in coordinating FCC’s involvement. Thank you, Diana and crew. 

    The other big event this month is the Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century on October 14th. This year the ride is being directed by Angelo Quitorio and the FACT (Filipino American Cycling Team) a sub-group of FCCs. We are looking forward to a spectacular event. Angelo and team have done a great job in getting all the preparations in place. The route has been set, rest stop volunteers are in place, SAG drivers have been selected, and after-ride meal preparations made. Now, let’s treat the riders to a great ride and make that nearly 200 miles with 10000+ feet of Climb rewarding for them all. Thank you, Angelo and team.


    One problem (which is a great problem to have) is deciding which ride to do. Our club can now offer several different rides at different ride levels for our members to choose from. Keep up the great work Nancy and Henry and all our ride leaders. Don’t let the fact that there seems to be more choices stop you from being a ride leader, there is always room for more rides. We have a lot of members and the best rides are the ones you enjoy doing. Rides groups of 10 or less are great for ride leaders as they are easy to manage. When groups get larger than 20, although they are fun and impressive, they can be overwhelming to keep track of everyone. So, don’t think you have to have a lot of riders in your group for it to be a successful ride. 

    Other rides being made available to club members are the A-Train rides, Killer Bee rides, the FACT rides, All Roads Rides and rides being put on by the various bike shops, (ie, Sunnyside Bicycles, Rubber Soul Bicycles, Stevens Bicycles and the Bike Shop at Woodward Park). So, find the group that fits your style of riding and have a great time. 


    I am excited to share that the new membership/website software we acquired is working just as we had hoped.  This makes it easier to handle new memberships as well as renewals. Thanks to the expertise of our Webmaster William Ewy for making it happen. All our events and ticketing will reside on our website. Eventbrite has been a great tool for us to handle membership and events, but we can offer more now. The next step we can explore is the use of “automatic renewal” of memberships. Progress is being made, I hope you all like it.  Let us know!

    Well it’s time to get back to enjoying my vacation, see you all on the road.   


    The Prez

    AKA Dennis Ball

FCC - P.O. Box 27571, Fresno, CA 93729-7571

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