FCC Board Members

The table below is best viewed on a PC (vs mobile device). The full table includes phone numbers and email addresses for each Board Member.

Name, Position Phone Email
Dennis Ball, President (559) 824-3040 president@fresnocycling.com
Mark Locatelli, Vice President  (559) 708-3837
Janet Manuszak-Lucido, Secretary (559) 360-1921 secretary@fresnocycling.com
Elida Gonzalez, Treasurer (559) 355-4874 treasurer@fresnocycling.com
Bill Reddington, Newsletter Editor (559) 448-8402 editor@fresnocycling.com
Tina Sumner, Advocacy/Legislation (559) 304-6390 advocacy@fresnocycling.com
Mark Locatelli, A/B Ride Coordinator (559) 708-3837 abrides@fresnocycling.com
Henry Pretzer, C/D Ride Coordinator (559) 706-2958 cdrides@fresnocycling.com
Joseph (Joe) Cassinerio, Killer Bees Director (559)-352-1236 killerbees@fresnocycling.com
Warly Gorospe FACT Director/President(559) 261-5508


Gia Parker, Director of Tour de Lakes (559) 824-2969 tourdelakes@fresnocycling.com
Patricia Dailey Elizondo, Director of Raymond Gravel Ride (559) 960-7127raymondride@fresnocycling.com
William Ewy, Director of Technology (559) 393-1641 webmaster@fresnocycling.com
Diana Dean, Director of Volunteers/Warehouse Coordinator(559) 283-2709volunteer@fresnocycling.com
Pamela Long, Director of Membership(559) 392-4567membership@fresnocycling.com
Ken Herrington, Appointee – Honorary Historian (559) 299-2275
Gia Parker, Ride Director – Bass Lake Double (559) 824-2969 doublecentury@fresnocycling.com
Dennis Ball, Ride Director – Climb to Kaiser (559) 824-3040


Tony Inderbitzen, Ride Director - Grizzly Century/Gravel (559) 999-7279 thegriz@fresnocycling.com
Yvonne Moreno/Michael Quiroz, Ride Directors – Kirch Flats (559) 270-5880 (Yvonne)
(559) 776-0076 
Kevin Nehring, Director of Rider Support and Gear (SAG) (559) 432-7507sag@fresnocycling.com
Rob Mavis, Communications Director(559) 974-1944ae6ge@k6arp.org
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