Fresno is one of the newer California regions to be added to the Randonneurs USA (RUSA) event calendar. Brevets are long distance unsupported endurance cycling events for those capable of completing 100+ mile rides looking for the next harder challenge. These rides are designed to be non-competitive in nature while fostering camaraderie and self-sufficiency. Fresno Cycling Club will host 7events in 2016 with a full series that includes five 200km rides as well as a 300km, 400km and even a 600km brevet that goes from Fresno to Monterey/Carmel and back.  These rides follow guidelines set by RUSA, the national organization that coordinates all the brevets in the United States and interfaces with the Audax Club Parisien in France for correct brevet result processing.

Brevet riders need not be Fresno Cycling Club members or RUSA members to participate, but the benefits of these two clubs are many.  RUSA membership ($25/yr.) is required prior to the brevet if you wish to qualify for a number of special international and domestic awards (RUSA.org).  Because our sport is noncompetitive, awards are earned by simply finishing events inside the time limit. Two essential things are needed to earn randonneuring honors: Participation and Determination. 

Warning: Randonneuring can be addictive. 200km rides are a slippery slope to wanting longer more challenging rides with really nice, fun, competent companions. The Fresno Cycling Club will enable you to follow your compulsion for great cycling, unique routes and increasing mileage to test your endurance.

2/20/16 Raymond 200k Route Link | Registration

3/05/16 Bass Lake Blossom Trail 300K Route Link |  Cue Sheet | Registration

3/19/16 Mountain House 200K Route Link | Cue Sheet | Registration

4/02/16 Bakersfield 400k Route Link |Cue Sheet | Registration

5/07/16 Monterey 600k Route Link | Cue Sheet | Registration

6/04/16 Kings Canyon 200k Route Link  | Cue Sheet | Registration

6/05/16 Kings Canyon Return 200k Route Link | Cue Sheet | Registration